1000mg CBD Oil Mint Flavor for Humans
1000mg CBD Oil Mint Flavor for Humans
1000mg CBD Oil Mint Flavor for Humans

1000mg CBD Oil Mint Flavor for Humans

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Max and Neo CBD 1000mg CBD Oil Mint Flavor for Humans

The same CBD oil as our dog version, but with a little mint flavor added.

Our CBD Oil for dogs is human grade, so you can take it along with your pup. It is also unflavored, so why not get yourself your own bottle which also tastes great.

Just a word of caution, the flavored oil contains peppermint oil and stevia, so do not give this flavored version to your dog.  It is for humans only!

All of our CBD oil comes from pure broad spectrum organic hemp oil extract made from top grade hemp from Colorado, USA. Using the complete plant profile during our extraction process we produce a broad spectrum oil, containing all the beneficial properties naturally found in hemp with no THC.

Donation: With each purchase of this bottle, we will donate a 1000mg bottle of CBD Oil for Dogs to the rescue or shelter of your choice.

Download lab test results in PDF


MCT Oil, Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract, Peppermint Oil, Stevia

Serving Size: 20 drops (0.5ml)
Servings Per Bottle: 50

Amount Per Serving:
Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract 20mg (1mg per drop)

Start with a lower dosage and gradually increase to the recommended use.

Recommended Use

1 mg Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract per drop

1 drop per 10 lbs of body weight.

Adjust up or down depending on results.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Kay C.N.

Great CBD oil and capsules

best I've ever used

I've purchased many different more expensive cbd oils and none have worked as well as this. Way less money, smaller dosage needed a win all around!

Lisa L.
Exceeded expectations

I only use half the recommended drops. The results are what I hoped. I feel calm and relaxed. Helps me sleep. No aftertaste. 5 stars!

Karen H.

1000mg CBD Oil Mint Flavor for Humans

Judy J.
CBD oil

Thus us amazing! Very high quality and it has helped my back and knees.

Julie H.
Great product, bottle top is a battle

I love Max and Neo CBD. I buy it for myself and my dog. I truly appreciate the matching donation to a shelter of my choice. My only issue is that I cannot get the top of the human bottle off most of the time when I need to take the CBD. I push down and I twist and I jiggle the top and cannot get it open. I find myself not being able to take the CBD simply because I cannot get the bottle open.

Billy M.
Works great!!!

Minor aches and pains have gone away!! Will purchase again!!

Helen M.
Great taste

So glad that there is a flavored one for me. Me and my 12 year old dog have been using the regular one for 6 months now with great results. Now, I can get one for me and one for her and my rescue gets 2 bottles. Win Win

Dom 5.
1000mg CBD Oil Mint Flavor for Humans

1000mg CBD Oil Mint Flavor for Humans

ProG G.
1000mg CBD Oil Mint Flavor for Humans

Now Max and Now, helps my dog and helps me and helps a rescue. What more can you ask for!