500mg CBD Oil for Medium to Large Dogs
500mg CBD Oil for Medium to Large Dogs
500mg CBD Oil for Medium to Large Dogs
500mg CBD Oil for Medium to Large Dogs

500mg CBD Oil for Medium to Large Dogs

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Max and Neo CBD's 500mg CBD Oil is a pure full spectrum organic hemp oil extract made from top grade hemp from Colorado, USA. The 500mg bottle is great for medium and large sized dogs.

Using the complete plant profile during our extraction process we produce a full-spectrum oil, containing all the beneficial properties naturally found in hemp.

Our CBD oil is unflavored as it is mixed with MCT oil. The oil can be given directly to the dog or placed on its food.

Link to 3rd Party Independent Lab Test on 500mg bottle

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This bottle will last approximately 100-200 days for dogs between 25 to 50 lbs using recommended dosage once per day.

MCT Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract

Serving Size: 20 drops (0.5ml)
Servings Per Bottle: 50

Amount Per Serving:
Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract 10mg (.5 mg per drop)

Start with a lower dosage and gradually increase to the recommended use.

Recommended Use

.5 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract per drop

1-5 drops - dogs up to 25 lbs
6-10 drops - dogs 25 to 50 lbs
11-15 drops - dogs 50 to 75 lbs
16-20 drops - dogs 75 to 100 lbs

The general recommended dosage is about 1mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract per 10 pounds of dog weight. Adjust up or down depending on results.

Customer Reviews

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Been using this product for a couple of years now and will continue to use for my older aging dogs and dog w/ anxiety


This is the best CBD. I have tried many others and Max & Neto’s CBD Oil is the only one where a true difference can be seen in an animal. We use it at our rescue now and have also introduced the CBD calming treats.

Nothing great

Expensive and didn’t see much difference

It has helped my skittish dog

I have a nervous and shy dog. These CDB drops have helped him relax and not be so jumpy. I feel that he sleeps more soundly too which is also good for his health.

Already seeing improvement!

I’ve only been giving this do my dog for about 6 days now and can see a difference! She seems more relaxed in her kennel when I am gone to work!


My girl has leg issues— I can tell the oil makes her more comfortable & she is able to get around better— We also love helping others in rescues— A win-win for all—

Reducing our dog's anxiety!

CBD oil has been helping to reduce our dog's anxiety. We've noticed a big difference in his behavior since he started taking it.
Additionally, we LOVE that Max & Neo matches our purchase by donating the same item to our favorite rescue. I love that we have a standing order every month and they remind us when we're about to be charged, when the item has shipped, and delivery notification as well!


I absolutely adore max and neos CBD it’s helped my dogs in rescue so much!!

It doesn’t seem to help with calming

I was hoping this would help calming while in crate. They don’t even seem to notice I’ve given them anything. I wish for the cost it was more effective.

Pleasantly surprised

I have an 11-year-old English Bulldog who’d been struggling with getting around due to arthritis. The vet said she was healthy otherwise so I decided to try CBD. I went with Max & Neo because they give back to rescues. She was back to playing with toys and goofing off fairly quickly and we’re only on our first bottle. I wouldn’t say she’s back to her young self but she’s much happier.