Our Donations



Max and Neo CBD donates 1 for 1 to dog rescues for every bottle and treat jar sold.

How Do Donations Work and Can I Choose My Rescue?

During your purchase, you can specify which rescue will get your donation from our rescue list. The rescue list is located on the product page using a dropdown menu. You choose the rescue before adding the product into your shopping cart. We handle the rest and send out the donated bottle to the chosen rescue.

It's that easy!

You can now donate to your rescue simply by buying CBD oil for your own furry family member. You don't need to do anything additional to support your rescue.

If your rescue is not on the list, just type in the name and location of the rescue and we will contact the rescue to get its address and information. 

Donations are sent out once a week. This helps us save in shipping costs as many times we get multiple buyers donating to the same rescue.