About Our Hemp

Where it is Grown

Our hemp is grown and processed in North Carolina, USA. All hemp is registered with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and tested to ensure the THC levels are below .3%.

USDA Certified Organic

Our CBD oil is USDA Certified Organic, you may have noticed the logo on our bottles. (Please note, our CBD dog chews do not have this certification)

USDA Certified Organic means that all our hemp plants are organically grown and it must be extracted through clean and safe processes that meet the USDA organic standards. This includes our MCT carrier oil.



Our products contain Zero THC. This means our products produce absolutely no psychoactive effects, or side effects associated with THC.

Extraction Process

Our hemp plant material is dried and milled into a powdered form. The extraction is then carried out using a supercritical CO2 process. The liquid extract containing the plant material is then filtered through a process that removes almost all of the undissolved solids creating a solid free clean extract. The solvent from the now clean hemp extract is recovered using distillation which converts it into an oil form.  This oil is then treated further to remove waxes and then processed through a proprietary chromatography media which removes the THC.  The final oil has a total phytocannabinoids in the 75-85% range with total terpenes between 1-4%.

100% Transparent Lab Results of Our Products

We get our final product tested regularly by an independent 3rd party lab to ensure that you are indeed getting the concentrations of CBD listed on our products and none of the residuals or pesticides. 

See what a lab test result looks like.