500mg CBD Oil for Medium to Large Dogs
500mg CBD Oil for Medium to Large Dogs
500mg CBD Oil for Medium to Large Dogs
500mg CBD Oil for Medium to Large Dogs

500mg CBD Oil for Medium to Large Dogs

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Max and Neo CBD's 500mg CBD Oil is a pure full spectrum organic hemp oil extract made from top grade hemp from Colorado, USA. The 500mg bottle is great for medium and large sized dogs.

Using the complete plant profile during our extraction process we produce a full-spectrum oil, containing all the beneficial properties naturally found in hemp.

Our CBD oil is unflavored as it is mixed with MCT oil. The oil can be given directly to the dog or placed on its food.

Link to 3rd Party Independent Lab Test on 500mg bottle

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This bottle will last approximately 100-200 days for dogs between 25 to 50 lbs using recommended dosage once per day.

MCT Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract

Serving Size: 20 drops (0.5ml)
Servings Per Bottle: 50

Amount Per Serving:
Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract 10mg (.5 mg per drop)

Start with a lower dosage and gradually increase to the recommended use.

Recommended Use

.5 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract per drop

1-5 drops - dogs up to 25 lbs
6-10 drops - dogs 25 to 50 lbs
11-15 drops - dogs 50 to 75 lbs
16-20 drops - dogs 75 to 100 lbs

The general recommended dosage is about 1mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract per 10 pounds of dog weight. Adjust up or down depending on results.

Customer Reviews

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Arthritic GSD

I have a 9 year old German Shepherd with arthritis in his hips. I can no longer give him anti-inflammatory meds and in fact, prefer something more natural. We've been increasing my dog's dose on hemp oil over the last few weeks to recommending dosing. While I am not seeing him do an Irish jig (he never did, he's German), he does seem to be moving a bit better. Now that we are on full dose, hope to see a bit more improvement soon.

Changed my parents into a CBD believer

My parents thought CBD was all placebo until they saw the difference it made on my 14 year old dog. Now they take it themselves!!!

Love the Hemp Oil for my girl with collapsed trachea.

I do not know if it is pain relief, or what, but my shih tzu that struggles with a collapsing trachea is coughing much less frequently now. I know the drops are not going to correct her problem, but I am convinced after only one week, that she is better. Every extra day with her is a gift.

Customer for life!

My excitable and crazy Leo has bad separation anxiety to the point that he would destroy the furniture if I was gone for 15 minutes. He had to be crated all the time. I tried CBD oil after reading that it may help with his anxiety and it totally changed him from the first day. It's been a week now and he's so much calmer when I leave that I tried 5 minutes without a crate this morning. I used my ring camera to watch him and he didn't do anything bad. Will try a little bit longer tomorrow!

Great product

Helped to ease the pain of Osteosarcoma in my female Rottie until it was her time. Thank you for a great product

5 stars

My scared dog spends more time with me now. I have an anxious dog that keeps to himself usually, but after giving him some hemp oil he came to my side and laid down next to me. I was kind of shocked and happy. I almost started crying. The next day he seems more relaxed and stays closer to me now. My husband can't believe it either.

500mg Canine Hemp Oil

I like this very much. I am using it on 3 different dogs. One is almost 15 & has severe arthritis in his legs. This has helped with his pain. One I'm using it for some anxiety which has improved a lot. The 3rd dog is 11 and using it for some back/hip pain and doing better with it.

Best on the market

We have had great success with Canine Wellness Lab Hemp oil
It has worked the best of any we have tried in easing arthritis pain in our yellow lab. I also notice it makes him more even tempered. He is a rescue who was abused and it seems to make him less reactive.

Wonderful Stuff for Anxiety!

I would swear that 2 of my dogs, both males under 2 years old, have some type of doggie ADHD. They are just wired all the time and it's not only hard on us, it's hard on the other dogs in the house. We have tried so many "calming" products, so much training, and nothing has really helped until now. This stuff has worked wonders for them. Anytime we have a higher-stress situation come up the drops come out. Within 20-30 minutes they're calm and relaxed even if it's thundering or we have company over. I'm so thankful for this product!

Starting out great!

We just started Luke on CBD Oil a week and a half ago and have seen a slight improvement in just a short time. He has stopped grunting when laying down or sitting as it had been getting difficult for him. It still takes him a bit to get up and he is still a bit stiff but we are hoping to see more improvement by the end of the month. Also has helped his Sister laura when she has anxiety due to the washing machine Love it and thank you so much!