500mg Organic CBD Oil for Medium to Large Dogs
500mg Organic CBD Oil for Medium to Large Dogs
500mg Organic CBD Oil for Medium to Large Dogs
500mg Organic CBD Oil for Medium to Large Dogs

500mg Organic CBD Oil for Medium to Large Dogs

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Max and Neo USDA Certified Organic 500mg Canine CBD Oil is a pure broad spectrum organic hemp oil extract made from top-grade hemp from North Carolina, USA. The 1000mg bottle is great for large size dogs.

The USDA National Organic Program regulates and also conducts oversight of organic certification, compliance and enforcement activities, and product labeling. To sell, label or represent their products as organic, organic farms and businesses must follow all of the specifications set out by the USDA organic regulations.

Using the complete plant profile during our extraction process we produce a broad spectrum oil, containing all the beneficial properties naturally found in hemp.

Our CBD oil is unflavored as it is mixed with organic MCT oil. The oil can be given directly to the dog or placed on its food.

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This bottle will last approximately 100-200 days for dogs between 25 to 50 lbs using recommended dosage once per day.

Organic MCT Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract

Serving Size: 20 drops (0.5ml)
Servings Per Bottle: 50

Amount Per Serving:
Organic Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract 10mg (.5 mg per drop)

Start with a lower dosage and gradually increase to the recommended use.

Recommended Use

.5 mg Organic Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract per drop

1-5 drops - dogs up to 25 lbs
6-10 drops - dogs 25 to 50 lbs
11-15 drops - dogs 50 to 75 lbs
16-20 drops - dogs 75 to 100 lbs

The general recommended dosage is about 1mg of Organic Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract per 10 pounds of dog weight. Adjust up or down depending on results.

Customer Reviews

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500 mg Organic CBD Oil

I run a dog rescue and get in some with anxiety. This brand is the best one I have tried and works well. It is also reasonably priced!

Laura W.

500mg Organic CBD Oil for Medium to Large Dogs

Natalie R.

It really helps my old girl with her arthritis pain!

Susan J.
Great for Senior Dogs

My 16 year old Morkie suffers from dementia. This really is the answer when she has episodes of constant barking and anxiety. Calms her down.

Ann-Dee N.

500mg Organic CBD Oil for Medium to Large Dogs

Michele T.
11year old dog playing with 6month old puppy

Before your product-laying down a lot , not interested in toys-after running-playing with new puppy-jumping up on couch again-and no side effects like the vets drugs-eating well too-thank you❤️

Kristy S.
CBD Magic

This stuff has taken my old Doberman at 10 years old that was slow and painful to a totally different dog! Thanks will keep on purchasing this from you guys!

Julia R.

I think it is helping my rescue dog, a long with routine and exercise. He may have neurological issues that I will have a vet confirm

Tammy D.
It helps!

Definite improvement in my 6 year old GSDs movement- she’s more active and taking fewer breaks from her beloved frisbee game!

Whimpers t.W.R.I.C.
love the CBD OIL

We love the CBD oil. Our Rescue dogs get off an 8 hour transport and they are so stressed. The donations from purchases has made it possible to be able to give our little scared and stressed out dogs a relief. We cant thank Max and Neo enough for all the wonderful things they do for rescues. All the products are top quality .
Whimpers to Wags Rescue